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Utterly Fantastical!!

Brilliant animation, awesome ideas, great non-stop action and some fantastic humour!
I enjoyed the first two but this just has to be the cherry ontop. Good Show, old chap!


I really enjoyed it! This is how professional newgrounds should be!
Humorous, slick and well planned out for a pilot episode. Definitely looking forwards to more!


they don't exist.

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loved the concept but implementation was poor

i liked the game, i finished it and spent a long while on the custom game mode lol.
but it seems alot of people (including myself) are having difficulty with the controls.
drag and drop is a bad way of movement (as we have just found out) for large groups of stuff. personally what i found most annoying was when i tried to double-click to reproduce the bots, because the new bots went "on top" of the old bots and repeated double clicking or even trying to move the original bot afterwards is very difficult, it would be easier all round it the new bot appeared "under" the old bot so you can't click it straight away, thus resulting in the old bot being available for controlling or reproducing. unfortunately i can't think of a better way to move the bots around without using the right mouse button, so maybe find a way of using RMB?
Apart form the dodgy controls i was impressed with the game :D


politicians + oil = George Bush + ignorance >.<

naaww im joking, but lols anyway
good game, altohugh after a while the pace slows and boredom took my hand and lead me away. its a nice spin off and i like the idea (though i don't personally agree with the creationism concept that seems to have sneaked in from somewhere, implying that god and the devil created all there is... im atheist :D)

good, good and friggin awsome

i liked all of it and all of it is awesome. well done! heh on about page 20/21 i lold when i saw a quadratic equation to be factorised (i hope you found it was (3x-3)(x-3) and that x= 1 OR x=3 :) i like maths lol)
you have inspired me to draw more tanks. i have been seriously lacking in the drawing department lately and ur tanks encourage me to do better. woop!

great work!

btw who is Calum Borthwick? lol he might not be pleased that he is being stabbed >.<

matt-likes-swords responds:

irl friend who was sitting next to me in History class at the time.

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i really enjoyed it!
but everytime i hear it i feel disappointed at the end, its as though i was expecting more. although when i remember back into the song it fits relly well so i dont know why i get this feeling (maybe its because im sad that its ended...) have you tried making the ending sound louded maybe with somesort of bell clanging sort of sound?

its good without though.
fantastic - 5/5 10/10

great but

i cant feel it, you know? the bass, i cant feel the bass. its not making me follow it, maybe if you up the bass equillizer THEN ill have another go and see if its awsome. ;)


that was great, i liked the climax at the end, where the jazz and clasical seemed to mix, and then im sure i heard the sound of a jet plane getting ready for takeoff at the very end. :) made me smile, which ,in the midst of all my coursework, is a brief ray of sunshine

sorohanro responds:

thanx for review, glad you like my music.
hope my other songs will bring also positive feelings to you

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you say;

"worked waaaay too long on this."
i say "youve worked on it long enough for it to be totally Awesome!"

fan-dabby-tastic occluded! i havent seen a better piece on ng yet!

Occluded responds:

Thanks. Check out my favorites. There's some damn fine art here.


thats fantastic! gratz! you deserve a front page :D
although i think the tankman should either have a angry faic face of a pope hat lol. dosent matter tho lol, its still funny as hell :D


how long did it take to draw and colour all that!

I like technology (ROBOTS!). i love drawing but i very often have no ideas, so i come on Newgrounds here and try to get inspired. i also like to invent stuff ( any ol'e thing that comes into my head, i put it on paper, who knows? could save the world....

28, Male

paper boy :D

High Storrs School


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