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loved the concept but implementation was poor

i liked the game, i finished it and spent a long while on the custom game mode lol.
but it seems alot of people (including myself) are having difficulty with the controls.
drag and drop is a bad way of movement (as we have just found out) for large groups of stuff. personally what i found most annoying was when i tried to double-click to reproduce the bots, because the new bots went "on top" of the old bots and repeated double clicking or even trying to move the original bot afterwards is very difficult, it would be easier all round it the new bot appeared "under" the old bot so you can't click it straight away, thus resulting in the old bot being available for controlling or reproducing. unfortunately i can't think of a better way to move the bots around without using the right mouse button, so maybe find a way of using RMB?
Apart form the dodgy controls i was impressed with the game :D


politicians + oil = George Bush + ignorance >.<

naaww im joking, but lols anyway
good game, altohugh after a while the pace slows and boredom took my hand and lead me away. its a nice spin off and i like the idea (though i don't personally agree with the creationism concept that seems to have sneaked in from somewhere, implying that god and the devil created all there is... im atheist :D)

good, good and friggin awsome

i liked all of it and all of it is awesome. well done! heh on about page 20/21 i lold when i saw a quadratic equation to be factorised (i hope you found it was (3x-3)(x-3) and that x= 1 OR x=3 :) i like maths lol)
you have inspired me to draw more tanks. i have been seriously lacking in the drawing department lately and ur tanks encourage me to do better. woop!

great work!

btw who is Calum Borthwick? lol he might not be pleased that he is being stabbed >.<

matt-likes-swords responds:

irl friend who was sitting next to me in History class at the time.

i cant deny, it was good.

but there's something which might need addressing.

after you had killed an enemy but didnt realise it, you could still attack the dead enemy and use up AP, then the enemy fades away and the new enemy has not had any damage done to it. you really need to sort this as any wasted AP could mean the death of you.
i dont know if we were told how, but i couldnt see where i could sell the items i picked up from defeated enemies.

i dont want to be mean, but i dont really like this type of game BUT this really was kinda good, so nice one.

good game, but could be SOOOO much better!

addicting and enjoyable until past wave 8, i only got to wave 9 on my second play through :O

i agree TOTALY with manuel8887, this game needs a bit more.
tho i think you REALLY need to add temporary drops from the killed aliens. or maybe then get dropped onto the map. other wise i dont think anyone will get beyond lvl 10.

there were a couple of things about this game which pissed me off no end.
first there is the 'get turned around by being attacked' which is kinda daft. while its annoying, i know its easily over come by holding the arrow key in which u want to attack while attacking.

second there is the fact that enemies spawn pretty much right ontop of you. that takes the pee--eye--double-ess. so all your doing is standing there, trying to shoot some aliens with your LIMITED BULLETS and some b*st*rd spawns right ontop of you with a flipping shotgun!
(thats how i died on round 9, one alien spawned with a shotty on one side, and another one on the other = shotty rapeage, or, tennis!)
i reckon if the aliens spawn just off screen and walk towards you then awsome cos even if you DID just stand there and shoot at everyone walking your way, then you would run out of bullets soon enough.
or at least there is some animation which shows an alien is spawning there but instead of them spawning instantly there is some sort of delay before they spawn, enough to give you warning and time to move off a bit.

one last thing (i think) which annoyed me is that when an alien shoots, it carries on for the rest of the map (the bullet), this really gets me as some bullets go up at the same taime as some bullets going straight, which makes it impossible to avoid them.
maybe if you make them drop to the ground after a cetain distance, so shotties drop after reaching the edge of the screen, machineguns drop after 1.5 screens distance and and pistols go for 2. this would be awesome.

a couple of other additions u might be able to add.(and some temporary drop ideas)
weapon upgrade
if you have a;
-stick->it turns into a plank of wood with a nail in it or a chain saw? (more dmg)
-dagger->dirk (longer reach, more dmg, different combos)
-sword->generic anime sword (more dmg, faster attck, stupid combos lol)
-generic anime sword - dont include a generic anime sword, theres no real point if you alredy have a sword wot turns into one... unless the GAS (generic anime sword) from the sword upgrade is different to the norm one, and the norm GAS turns into some fat-assed mega GAS which can hit everything onscreen infront of you?
-machine gun-> chaingun (shoots faster, more dmg, unlimitedd ammo for a short while)
-shotty-> automatic shotty (much faster, more dmg, better accuracy)
-nade launcher->rocket launcher (u can guess what ever it will do)
-laser beam-> spartan laser (awsomer)
just thought-maybe if you pick up another weap upgrade each weapon evolves again!!!!! (like for stick->stick w/ nail->chain saw!!!!!)

dropped temporary weaps (limited shots-dont keep over wave)
armour (dosn't let you be turned around when hit and lessens dmg)

F-in loads more weapons! including special items an stuff!
upgrades shop? upgrade anything!!!!!!!
different looking levels on your home world.
special attacks (maybe you could buy them?)

and loads more!!!! just realised ive nealry used up all of my charactes(ooh different characters!! u could unlock them!)

so thats a lot of crap up there ^. enjoy reading it? good :D i really hope you take pity on me for putting the effort into writing this (lol) and make a sequel sort of thing.... go you!

(496 characters left :O)


lolz game. i managed to get to lvl 7 after all my attention span was depleted after repeatedly dieing ad retrying on lvl6...
i liked the simplicity of it, while some trap combinations were hell but otherwise, i liked it.
oh and that guy must have some Crazee allergy to apples. and must be a bit retarded if he keeps eating them lawls

have a good one


i liked the combination of everyhing in this, but i have an issue!!!
the light stone stuff (might be marble) cannot be traded in the market and is not used for pretty much anything this was pissing me off as i had about 500-600 of it and not using/cant use any of it but then have about 10 each of wood, food, gold and stone. cant remember what you said about the material but yeh, that got me.

otherwise i really enjoyed the game, possibly one of your better ones methinks :D


i got to grren roads 3 before i gave up because it was hard O_O
basic gameplay, good music, challenging at times, boring at others, yet i didnt like it. sorry.


noticed that sometimes a car standing on its end on top would jsut float there unless it's hit...

nice game, ok physics, ok graphics ok gameplay. i liked the idea of different decals and lots of cars, made it interesting.
unfortunatly it didnt keep hold of my attention for the whole game.

the gameplay felt a bit clunky... the ramp was obscured by the buttons, the scroll bar wasnt really needed. there could have been some more to do with revving the car eg having to rev a certain amount then change gear then rev more and each car's is different that would include some more skill to playing the game (changing gear could be space bar)

after you've revved you could release the mouse button and it would do everything by itself... i didnt like that.... maybe you could keep the player incharge of the car until the end of the ramp? or atleast include other features eg nitrous explosives etc to give something else to keep interest and gamepley at an edge

im not sure if you were avoiding this but some shop of sorts could be brought into play? buy extra decals, car parts, improved nitrous, explosives (maybe), and other items... maybe in the car showroom there could be certain mystery cars which can only be won by playing etc.

i dunno, it jsut seemed to lack some spark.
otherwise, nice game.


i loved this game.
tho i was sometimes annoyed as i kept randomly slashing when i was clearly clicking the hell out of my mouse. but that's the only bad point i can think of!
the gameplay style was pretty much smooth all the time, fun, and replayable.
i liked the upgrades and the way upgrades and exp carried over all games.
the graphics was definitely the best part of it. 3d is the way games were ment to be played.

some ideas to add maybe?:
items? could have different armor and weapons to help the Samurai?
a few more enemies types.
more levels!
upgradable/changeable slash moves?
some background :P (i really want to know why the forever samurai is fighting all of these robot/mechanical things and why the awsome looking huge dogbot was following him!)


acrazycanadian responds:

Dogbot, that's awesome. Haha, I think that'll be his new nickname.
Your suggestions are all things I will definitely be trying to do when/if I make a sequel. Thanks for the feedback.

I like technology (ROBOTS!). i love drawing but i very often have no ideas, so i come on Newgrounds here and try to get inspired. i also like to invent stuff ( any ol'e thing that comes into my head, i put it on paper, who knows? could save the world....

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paper boy :D

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