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you say;

"worked waaaay too long on this."
i say "youve worked on it long enough for it to be totally Awesome!"

fan-dabby-tastic occluded! i havent seen a better piece on ng yet!

Occluded responds:

Thanks. Check out my favorites. There's some damn fine art here.


thats fantastic! gratz! you deserve a front page :D
although i think the tankman should either have a angry faic face of a pope hat lol. dosent matter tho lol, its still funny as hell :D


how long did it take to draw and colour all that!

very sexy :)

i agree with notahero slightly, her chin seems to be pulled in a tad too much. Also it seems that her top half of her torso has twisted slightly out of perspective with her breastplate and back, however i feel this is just a matter of perspective. but otherwise very well done

very good!

she seems to need to be frowning slightly - as though something disconcerting has just happened which has made her pick up the gun. but she is obviously no stranger to guns/weapons. her stance is dosnt seem to go with the rest of the picture however... its a good stance, but with the elbows tuck in she seems too nervous. i suppose if you made her look as though she is slightly more worried than just what seems to be a (what im gonna call) blank observant state. its a good drawing - no doubt there- but when you try to take it all in... its like it dosent want itself to work....

im no good at properly examining art but as far as i can see, you might want to think a little deeper as to why she is standing like she is (or for whatever the next pic might be of) and to imagine how that pose would pull off when youve finished it (i have a fairly graphic imagination so i like to think i do this often - not that i do many even remotley good art/drawings)
if you can make sense of that then im already clapping :]

I like technology (ROBOTS!). i love drawing but i very often have no ideas, so i come on Newgrounds here and try to get inspired. i also like to invent stuff ( any ol'e thing that comes into my head, i put it on paper, who knows? could save the world....

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