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Utterly Fantastical!!

Brilliant animation, awesome ideas, great non-stop action and some fantastic humour!
I enjoyed the first two but this just has to be the cherry ontop. Good Show, old chap!


I really enjoyed it! This is how professional newgrounds should be!
Humorous, slick and well planned out for a pilot episode. Definitely looking forwards to more!


they don't exist.

"Jeez man, what happened to your face?"

i lol'd.
fkin epic
must av rickrofled somewhere


autotune anyone?

mildly amusing in parts, bad voice acting most parts, bad animation, good pictures and backdrops, bad story, only one joke about the nuke at the end which wasn't even very well done either.
there is a lot to be improved upon.

M4KBOT responds:

it isn't autotuned

thought it was ok

like you said, the lip syncing didn't quite match up, but I also felt that the voices didn't have enough emotion in them.
the story was brief and lacked depth (no reason as to why they were going into the depth of the west, nor do we find out who these people are (is the main char supposed to be some sort of sheriff type or is he supposed to be a do-gooder badass) )
the title sequence was very good, although i felt that the intro after that should provide the story depth and character build that would have boosted your score (it doesn't even have to be a long intro, maybe a quick miss-understanding at a bank which lead them to be driven out of town and to run away from the law etc)
the animation was a little choppy, but it doesn't draw attention to itself.
I noticed the faint attempt at comedy, but it could have been a little more than not-so-funny one-liners. also why the pictures and maps of Aussie land everywhere lol? the wild west is in America. and I'm pretty sure Australia doesn't have coyotes
the atmosphere you whipped up was pretty nice and the art was superb.

overall 8/10 5/5. i enjoyed the most part and would like to see an improvement on this.

KFoxyFox responds:

Thanks :) The Australia thing is a homage to Australian westerns; I got the idea since two of the voices were provided by Australians. Gold was mined in Australia, so there is more in common with the American west thank some may be led to think ;)

The main character was meant to be a bit of a prat anyway =P I made this to fulfil a script I wrote at uni, which ironically got a great grade :) Thanks again for the feedback!


he should have gone to the toilet before he went to bed. then he wouldnt have to clean it up himself next morning as everyone has gone.... i think im missing the point here.. lol jks

good flash, lol'd n stuff. shame about the voices but i caught the important stuff so lol!

That was great!

I was really captivated by it, and got sucked in by the graphics! but I suppose I was expecting the guy to try and chase after the bus until finally he gets on it..... outside of his work...... even though I knew it was a short. but hey, it was great as it was.

The only improvement I can think of is a little more story, although this might mean making it longer just to build it up, however I think it would benefit greatly.

oh and kudos for the first flash! you have teh talents at yo digit tips! :D


I was so wrapped up in how awesome this was that I forgot to vote! (well nearly)


Im not surprised it took twice as long, what with all those people to thank!

<3ed it, as i do wityh allo them!

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